Buenos Aires, Argentina – Solidarity with the prisoners accused of the attack on ¨Clarín¨.

We share words that come to us from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in response to the repressive blow against comrades, allegedly suspected of participating in the attack on the newspaper last November.

This system needs to hide the disastrous consequences of its progress through control, persecution and institutionalized violence, silencing the voices of those who dare to confront it.

The prisons are overflowing with the displaced and rebels but neither the murdered nor the disappeared are of interest to them while the power game continues to dominate.

We are neither innocent nor guilty.

Our freedom is built in every gesture of solidarity and confrontation against what oppresses us.

We will not be bastard children of the communities’ memory.

We assume our responsibility as part of the continuity of struggle for total liberation.

No more, no less. We are anarchists.


On November 22, 2021, a noise demo was carried out in the vicinity of the Clarín newspaper, an exploitative, surveiling and manipulative media outlet. While in reality this resulted in a stained sidewalk, the newspaper took advantage of the event to victimize itself, backed up by the entire political class from the electoralist left to the conservative right, calling the action an act of terrorism. But this is not new. Clarín uses the language of power to manipulate social opinion. Let us not forget that this same media outlet acted as the support and legitimizing arm of the last military-civic-ecclesiastical dictatorship, benefitting from the genocidal regime of which our families, like so many others, are victims and for which it has never been and will never be judged, much less convicted. Because (in)justice responds to the same class interests.

But this is not all. Clarín, like all monopolistic multimedia in the world, generates opinion in the citizenry to criminalize the less favoured sectors of the population. At the same time, while Clarín benefits from the sale of territories and public assets to transnational corporations, it salutes and praises the most nefarious characters of the political class, those guilty of perpetuating debts so that these same citizens sell what is left of their dignity and continue buying their hateful speeches and identifying false internal enemies for the benefit of private capital.

Clarín celebrates the theft of land in favour of landowners and condemns the reclamations that allow the population access to a miserable house. Clarín welcomes the visit of the gringo president of the day but gets angry with those who listen to the call of their ancestors; it condemns those who preserve the memory of genocide in order to favour the acts of Argentine rural society; it loves Piñera but despises revolt; it longs for repression and hates autonomy to defend capital at the expense of life and freedom. When we talk about Clarín we are talking about the largest hegemonic multimedia outlet in the country. This outlet has newspapers and TV channels in the federal capital and in the provinces, as well as blogs and all kinds of virtual media, magazines and radios. Clarín has every available means to manipulate public opinion, but above all, it has a great deal of political power and economic support, even though it insists on talking about freedom of speech when we know that freedom in these lands is only for those who can pay for it. To speak of “freedom of expression” as a communication monopoly is not only contradictory but also a total lack of respect to the population and to those of us who seek to express our position with the few tools we have. Our own individualities are contrary to both so-called officialism and the opposition, a false dichotomy between different sectors of the bourgeoisie with the same class interests. They defend capital, that is to say, private property, commodity value and exploitation in general, and in the face of this we have nothing more than our will to express our discontent, our position and our perspective.

The case they are trying to make against us is public intimidation. For our pursuit and subsequent arrest they used the forces of the federal police, the city police, Interpol, the anti-terrorist investigation unit, the afi (ex side), the geo group, the federal penitentiary service and around 400 surveillance and social control cameras. All this for a stained sidewalk? What do they call terrorism? Why is a noise demo against a private group labeled public intimidation? Who does this noise demo really affect? Such a demo can only affect power and those who sustain, deepen and perpetuate it, because it shows that a part of the oppressed class does not believe in the solutions of those who claim to represent us.

This system needs to hide the disastrous consequences of its progress and silence the voices of those who dare to confront it through control, persecution and institutionalized violence. Violence is the marginality to which capital and the political class pushes us and submits us, violence is the trickling genocide in every prison, violence is the price of food, violence is the extractivism, exploitation, extermination of the earth and all forms of life that inhabit it, violence is that they call the act of choosing the executioner of the moment democracy, violence is that most of the prison population is from social sectors intentionally harmed by power, violence is the persecution of the Mapuche people, violence is the exploitation and precariousness of labour, violence is every headline in the media criminalizing poverty, violence and terrorism is the way they use fear to immobilize the population.

For a long time those of us who do not have the resources to buy their law, their “justice”, have been persecuted for resisting and supporting struggles, for being against confinement and jail, for organizing games in squares in a self-managed way without depending on the municipality, for denouncing the polluting multinationals responsible for hundreds of deaths in Viceroy del Pino alone, just to mention one case. Persecuted for supporting the recuperation of land in Gonzalez Catan, for showing solidarity with the victims of exploitation and murders by the owners of clandestine warehouses in collusion with the state, for accompanying the families of victims of trigger-happy cops, for always being in favour of the dignified Mapuche struggle to recover the wallmapu stolen by the genocidal states of Chile and Argentina.

But the persecution is not only of our comrades in ideas but also with our brothers and sisters murdered in the slums, those disappeared in democracy, those imprisoned for expropriating and attacking private property, the origin of all inequality.
They are systematically affected and we are persecuted because we choose to fight outside the permitted frameworks established by those who create, sustain, maintain, deepen and benefit from inequality. We are persecuted because our struggle is not that of political parties, our pots are in solidarity, they are not to win a vote 1 and our murals do not idolize politicians or parties. They intimidate and persecute us because we fight against capital and not against the opposition party with the greedy desire to occupy a position in a ministry, the executive or a seat in the bourgeois parliament. We are systematically persecuted for refusing to give our heads and hearts to power, for not selling out, for not compromising, for not resigning ourselves, for maintaining, by all means, that a world without masters and oppressed is possible and necessary. We are persecuted for understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility to create and develop this new world horizontally, because in this way we reject the hierarchies and representation that the oppressor offers us. We are persecuted for our libertarian ideas, we are historically and systematically persecuted, imprisoned and assassinated for being anarchists.

They say that ideas are bulletproof, we assure them that they also survive bars and if they have bullets, laws, property, merchandise, we have stones, will, combative memory and insurrectional dignity.

Some imprisoned anarchist individuals, April 4, 2022.
Territory occupied by the Argentine state.


Via: anarquistasanticarcelarixs Translated by Act for freedom now!

  1. Transl: wordplay with voting “pots” aka booths in English.