Naples Pozzuoli, Italy : Digos raids in comrades’ homes

Pozzuoli,  Digos raids in comrades’ homes

On 26th May 8 of 2022, houses in Pozzuoli were searched by the Naples Digos. 12 accused were notified of charges for the following offences: articles 270 bis, 110, 280 bis. Prosecutors Antonio Ardituro and Gianfranco Scarfò ordered investigations on the presence in the Neapolitan region of an organization traceable to the anarchist-insurrectionalist area.

Investigative emphasis was given to the struggle against the prison system with reference to situations outside the Italian context and to a firecracker attached to a deodorant spray, which exploded on 4th March 2021 against the honorary Consulate of Greece in Naples. Prosecutors placed the action in the context of an anarchist campaign launched at the beginning of 2021 in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas on hunger strike in Greek jails

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