Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility for an incendiary spree and calling for an incendiary campaign by Arsonists Incendiary Archers (ΕΜΠΡΗΣΤΕΣ ΤΟΞΟΒΟΛΟΙ)

Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility for an incendiary spree and calling for an incendiary campaign

We do not intend to dwell on yet another great political analysis of what is happening today. The time for that is over. All that remains now is our actions. This life is not sustainable. A large part of society knows it and is finding out more and more each day, even if it tries to ignore it or put the blame elsewhere. Pandemic, war, impoverishment. Economic crises on top of economic crises. Depravation of life. The State and capital march unmolested and trample our lives. They have declared war on us. We simply respond with the means at our disposal. We know who stands against us. The State and its minions, the petty bourgeoisie, the nouveau riche, the bosses. We are coming for you! We will attack you until the cops are forced to guard every house, every shed, every car.

But we come these days for another reason. Comrade Giannis Michailidis is on his 16th day of a hunger strike demanding his release. The State vindictiveness he is facing has to do with the unrelenting attitude he has taken all these years inside and outside prison. He is part of an all-out attack launched by the neoliberal Greek State, trying to crush everything that goes against it and stifle all revolutionary memory.

Logics and practices like Giannis’ are the ones that the State wants to keep out of trouble once and for all because in the previous years they created a headache and exposed it. We ought to preserve and adopt them. We ought to create a revolutionary perspective again, make Anarchy dangerous again.

We therefore take responsibility for the incendiary attack on:

a Porsche in vironas  at midnight on 30/5/5

5 luxury cars of a dealership in Amfithea Avenue at dawn on 1/6.

a van of the Vechro construction company in Kaisariani at midnight 4/6

We call for an incendiary campaign on luxury vehicles and corporate vehicles in solidarity with Giannis MichaIlidis.




Translated by Act for freedom now!