Saint-Chef and Soleymieu (Isère) France: the relay antennas go up in smoke

Isère: new arson of a relay antenna
Le Dauphiné, May 31, 2022

Since the beginning of the year, the list of relay antennas burned continues to grow in Nord-Isère. The most recent concerns an installation on the town of Soleymieu.

According to information from the Dauphiné Libéré, it was around 7:30 in the morning on Friday 27 May when an employee of the water union was alerted that an electrical fault had just occurred on the water tank located on the village heights. On arriving at the site, Chemin de la Roche, the agent quickly realized that the electrical fault was in fact the fire of a relay antenna located on the same site: flames several meters high ravaged the fence of the installation as well as the pylon. He immediately alerted the fire department who intervened as the fire began to spread to the neighbouring vegetation.
The gendarmes were also alerted. Because of the sensitivity of the site, the gendarmes of the research brigade were also sent on site, with the help of criminal identification technicians from Grenoble.

No doubt: the fire is of criminal origin. The damage caused is very significant: several boxes located at the foot of the tower were destroyed, as well as the cables several meters high of this antenna which is shared by several mobile operators.

Flachères, Villages-du-Lac-de-Paladru, Saint-Chef: the list is getting longer
This fire is a reminder of the events already noted in January and February in the Terres Froides: the same antenna in Flachères had been burned twice, while sabotage of the same kind had been noted in the Lake Paladru area. These cases have not been solved for the moment. A few weeks ago, it was an antenna in Saint-Chef which had been destroyed. And also at the beginning of the morning, just like the fire of this Friday May 27 in Soleymieu.