Leipzig (Germany): against militarism, a relay antenna goes up in flames

via: sansnom

We attacked German railroads (Deutsche Bahn, DB) as part of the war logistics in Europe. We have not forgotten that this company (even if it is currently trying to clear its image with “humanitarian” deliveries to Ukraine) has been involved in the delivery of weapons for years. Our friends in Rojava, in particular, are killed every day with weapons supplied by DB. The cooperation between the German railroads and the fascist regime of Erdogan is close.

And so, in the night of 28-29 April, we set fire to a DB antenna in Markkleeberg. The line on which the antenna is located was and still is used for the delivery of weapons. We are trying to counteract the current war logic with the means at our disposal and want the material damage to be as great as possible. Until the line is no longer used for the transport of military vehicles, cars, coal and other destructive raw materials that are diligently being sent around the world.

What motivates us, moreover, is the attempt to finally get out of the helplessness that has existed at least since Covid-19. The sabotage of war material does not seem to be a common practice anymore and is furthermore discredited by the usual discourse of the bourgeois left (like: “Of course Ukraine should receive weapons – it is the free world that must be defended!”).

We don’t believe in the “vanguard”, but if we could motivate others to sabotage, it couldn’t help but make us smile.

Let the smoke wisps of our fire drift to Munich, where an investigation according to §129, including raids, has just been initiated.

Let’s attack militarism!
For anarchy!

Procedure: A one-litre bottle with 2/3 motor oil 1/3 gasoline, a one-litre bottle of gasoline. We lit the whole thing with a 0.5 litre bottle of gasoline to which we attached fire starters with zip-ties. We placed everything on the cables that go from the electrical box to the pylon. By the way: in a more crowded location, a delay is used!

Translated by Act for freedom now!