Solidarity with our anarchist comrades in munich ,Germany

Solidarity with our anarchist comrades in munich

Last week on april 26th, the cops raided several private apartments as well as the anarchist library „Frevel“. More comrades beeing accused of having formed a criminal organisation. In this case, the charges are incitement of crime. Another §129 investigation in a long line of criminal investigation within the anarchist, antifaschist and anti authoritarian movement.

The repression against our munich comrades is an attack on us all. In the face of growing social tensions, concerning a militarisation of society and the need for strong world leaders, anarchist spaces as a place for us to come together, a place for discussions and exchange about our struggle, are more important than ever.

The fact that ideas and thoughts striving for freedom are a thorn in the side of the state is an old tradition, so we cannot be surprised about attacks against us and our structures. What we can do though, is join forces and fight for a free world.

As the anarchist library „Kalabal!k“ we want to show our solidarity with our comrades in munich, facing repression.

United in rage and hatred towards domination and oppression and in the fight for a better world!