Libre Flot has ended his strike and is released “on medical grounds” (France)

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Libre Flot gets out of jail!
Libre Flot has ended his strike and is released “on medical grounds”, April 7, 2022
Two letters from Libre Flot from April 4 and 7:
“While these almost 16 months of detention in solitary confinement have left me with far more after-effects, both physical but especially mental and psychological, than 10 months of war in Syria,
Even though I survived the liberation of Raqqa, facing Daesh troops defending tooth and nail the capital of their caliphate,
I remain astonished, not only by the censorship that is made around my situation, but especially by the silence towards my legitimate and reasonable request, on the part of the French government, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office, and the investigating judge Jean-Marc Herbaut, demonstrating their choice to let me die!
Yet on this anniversary, after 36 days of hunger strike, at a time when my health is becoming more precarious than ever, I choose life as a rebirth, a new life that accompanies this spring and turns my back on a potential fatal outcome. This April 4, 2022, at 6:00 pm, I decided to feed myself again.

But nothing ends now, I remain locked up, buried alive and more than ever, I hope for your support and call for solidarity.
I reiterate that all I ask is to be treated like all my co-defendants, to be set free until I can demonstrate the slanderous side of this shameful terrorist accusation that does not hold any water.
Greetings and respect,
Libre Flot.”
“Today, April 7, 2022, I was released, under electronic bracelet, for medical reasons…
So I have been transferred to a hospital facility, free, in order to take advantage of all the necessary care as a result of this long period of hunger strike. I will be able to focus on rebuilding my body, my intellect and my psyche.
This is great news for me, although the road ahead of me to shatter the charade of the terrorist accusation, known as the 8.12 affair, is probably still long.
But I do not forget you and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people, collectives and organizations that supported me and spread the word.
I have no more words to express my gratitude!
Thank you again,
Libre Flot.”
April 7, 2022 // Release of Libre Flot!
soutienauxinculpeesdu8decembre, april 8, 2022
It is with a HUGE relief that we learned that Flo was transferred to a civil hospital in the Paris area this Thursday April 7th.
On Monday April 4th, while solidarity actions and rallies were taking place all over France and Europe following an international appeal, his doctors, worried about not being able to ensure medical follow-up, asked for transfer to a department specialized in nutrition. For this, it was necessary to negotiate with the justice system to allow him to leave the penitentiary services. The examining magistrate who had firmly decided to keep Libre Flot in solitary confinement and in detention in February had to accept after negotiations with the lawyers his release for medical reasons.
For Libre Flot, his health was seriously at stake and he decided to eat again on the evening of April 4, the 37th day of his hunger strike, disappointed to see nothing move. He was not informed of the negotiations in progress, the access to the telephone being relatively complicated within the penitentiary hospital.
We had to see it to believe it and it is in an absolute suspense that his relatives waited for his transfer to a civil hospital as well as the notification of his release under electronic bracelet this Thursday. After his hospitalization to recover from 37 days without food, his freedom will be subject to strict conditions: work, prohibition to move freely and to leave the department, prohibition to communicate with certain defendants, continuous monitoring of his position with the electronic bracelet. This is not equivalent to a real release, and this period will be counted as part of the length of “his sentence” already served in addition to the 16 months in solitary confinement…
We believe that it is the whole of our actions and our joint determination with that of Flo which allow us today to raise our heads and to shout finally a first Victory! However, the fight is far from being over, since the investigation is still ongoing, all the accused are still under strict judicial control and the accusations of terrorism are still hanging over them. We still have no idea when the trial will take place.
The fight against prison and solitary confinement is still long but it is not in vain, let’s continue to express our solidarity with all the prisoners. A huge Big up to the flight, for your strength and support!
Friends from Toulouse
Translated by Act for freedom now!