Chenôve (Côte-d’Or) : burning the police stations (France)

A car set on fire in front of the municipal police of Chenôve, the building very damaged
Le Bien Public/France 3, 12 March 2022
This Saturday, at 4:15 a.m., GIS security guards alerted firefighters to a vehicle fire near the entrance of the Chenôve municipal police department. The vehicle had been voluntarily abandoned at this location. The flames attacked the reception of the building which is now unusable. Outside, the damage was still visible in the middle of the morning, especially at the level of the entrance door which burned.
This municipal police station adjoins the town hall building and faces the central square of the town, a stone’s throw from the streetcar terminal. All this happened downtown. For several days now, Chenôve has been facing a new episode of urban violence. Yesterday, the mayor of Chenôve, Thierry Falconnet, explained to our colleagues on France Bleu Bourgogne that “15 cars have been burned in three nights”. 40 CRS were called in as reinforcements.

This Saturday, March 12, at midday, Thierry Falconnet, mayor of Chenôve, will meet with his entire city council in front of the municipal police station that was partially burned during the night. “When a republican institution is targeted, it is an attack! “We do not want to relive what we experienced in 2019,” said Thierry Falconet. “We had fires and damage which had lasted 6 months then. The leisure centre was set on fire, and the perpetrators were not identified.” This time, the tragedy took place under the gaze of video surveillance cameras, which could facilitate the work of investigators.
Fabien Sudry, the prefect of the Côte-d’Or, came to support the local elected officials, and he reminded them that the State has sent 40 additional police officers to the scene over the past 3 days. A reinforcement that remains in place until further notice. “We take this fire as a reprisal,” explains the prefect. “At the beginning of the week, police officers intervened to stop a rodeo. A man on a scooter then deliberately ran into a CRS. The officer was seriously injured and was out of work for 45 days. The perpetrator is in custody and will be tried on April 8.”
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