Sardinia – Issue 0 of Su Nudha, a Sardinian Anarchist Paper (A-periodical), is available

È disponibile, da oggi, il numero 0 di “Su Nudha” – Foglio Anarchico Sardo. (A-periodico)

Translated by act for freedom now!
From the editorial:
«The proposal to create a new editorial instrument was born as a continuation of the experiences that some of us have lived in the more or less recent past and from which each one drew their own conclusions, defining their own path. We feel the urge to write our own history through the exclusive use of our own words, eliminating all sorts of softening of the radicality of intentions and blurring of their objectives by making them flicker before our eyes. Moreover, now more than ever it is necessary to equip ourselves with our own instruments that exclude power’s channels of communication by self-organizing in anticipation of the increasingly urgent and criminal restrictions that capitalism is inflicting on the new dissidents (for example impossibility of travel for non-vaccinated).

The particularity of the geographical area we belong to does not indicate some form of “superiority” towards the others, but represents the physical space in which we decided to settle and act, also appropriating the cultural instruments that define our collective and territorial identity…»
In this issue:
Arrexonus impitzus de Anarkia in Sardinia
A further effort
Of an initiative
Blank spaces and black letters
Campaign of struggle for the liberation of Claudio Lavazza
REVIEW: Max Stirner e la filosofia dell’insurezione [Max Stirner and the philosophy of insurrection] edizioni Nero Abisso
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