Make Tattoo Not War (MTNW)

Make Tattoo Not War (MTNW) is an international campaign supporting people affected by the war that began with the Russian army’s invasion of the so-called Ukraine in February 2022.

The war conflict is driving people from their homes, destroying their facilities, causing numerous injuries, traumas and deaths. The MTNW campaign seeks to raise funds for those who are deeply affected by these issues.

At the heart of the campaign is an informal network of various individuals dedicated to tattooing and willing to donate the money for their artwork to a common solidarity fund. The fund will then be used to help specific people in need.

Unlike various charities and state-run organisations, MTNW is an autonomous initiative operating on a decentralised basis. There are no paid officers and all those involved are involved voluntarily without financial remuneration. Therefore, all money from the fund will be used to support people affected by the war.
MTNW does not aim to take the side of any state involved in a war conflict, as we do not subscribe to the view that some of the states involved are aggressors and others merely innocent victims of aggression. Although in war some states show more aggressive tendencies than others, as a result they all act in an aggressive and oppressive manner towards the populations they govern. The MTNW campaign does not focus on supporting any one state, but rather on providing assistance to those who have been placed in an oppressive situation by state policy.
The ongoing war is a rivalry between different factions of the ruling class and pursues their interests primarily. As such, it is at odds with the interests of workers, the unemployed, students, pensioners and other non-privileged sections of the population.
The MTNW campaign rejects state militarism and nationalism. It supports international solidarity, anti-capitalist activities, anti-authoritarianism and self-organisation.