Hamburg,Germany : Incendiary attack on the car of former police spy Astrid Oppermann

via: Zündlappen Translated by Act for freedom now!
It was a joy to set fire to the car of Astrid Oppermann near her Winterhude apartment in Maria-Louisenstieg today.
Astrid Oppermann spied on the autonomous scene in Hamburg as an undercover investigator under the name Astrid Schütt from 2006-2013. She was a regular active participant in the autonomous general assembly, helped prepare the autonomous congress in Cologne, she went to the protests against the world climate summit in Copenhagen, was involved in the mobilizations against the conference of interior ministers in 2010 and the protest against the so-called “Day of the German Future” in Hamburg in 2012.

She produced dossiers on many comrades and vehicles. Like her informant colleagues Maria Böhmichen, Iris Plate, Kristian Krumbeck and others, she was able to continue her police work without consequences after being unmasked. We believe that informants should be attacked in the future after they have been unmasked, both physically and in their homes, cars, etc.
They should understand that their rotten activities are not without consequences and carry risks.
No time off for informants
Fire and flame to their cars
Freedom for Lina, Jo, Dy, Findus,Kübel, Adel, Ella, Jan and Gizmo