Indonesia: Communique: Claim Action by Unit Nemesis/FAI-IRF (spontaneous and decentralized cells)

Communique: Claim Action
In Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners!
“For the one who carries the wolf of praxis in him, you are not alone”
On March 2nd, a police post was set on fire which is located beside the Tugu Mahkota, Solo, Indonesia and the throwing of Molotov cocktails at the Waskita Colomadu Factory in Solo, Indonesia.
We claim these actions were the actions of our conspirators aiming to attack the authorities and corporations responsible for land grabbing and ecocides!

The world has changed a lot and rebellion against power should not be far behind in its efforts to develop strategies relevant to the situation of each locality. We don’t want to reduce Our struggle is similar to that of the “anarcho-leftist/syndicalist” Marx’s left and great-grandsons who always fall into the same pit in their own struggle to simply seize the means of production. in this case we want to destroy the means of production or whatever exploiting machines dominate for us.
For us revolution is not something that can be waited for like religious people waiting for the judgment day, for that we want our dreams to be realized today and now and then turn our words into action along with criticism of Sick Society (Spectacle Society)
Therefore the illusion of revolution that there will be a global revolution in the future will have a crucial impact on the rebels, where passivity contaminates every rebel who falls into the illusion of a global revolution coming. Instead of moving beyond the struggle that have worn out, they have become comfortable in their comfort zone while enjoying every imagination of rebellion in today’s world of spectacle.
Every word about the fight that comes out from every mouth of reformist activists, left, anarcho-left, nothing but corpses who want to integrate us into the system that dominates again!
The fire that we launched was not merely a form of meaningless attack on state and capitalist property, but our fire is also present as a form of solidarity for any anarchist combatant who is being detained or who is on the run by rogue state apparatus.
And not to forget we are in line with the anarchist urban guerrillas in Ukraine and in Russia who are facing the war through their own way of rebellion against every form of state authority, be it the Russian state or the Ukrainian state, solidarity for anarchists everywhere!
Death to all state!
Solidarity means attack!
Longlive Anarchist Prisoners!
Longlive CCF/FAI-IRF
Longlive Anarchy!
• Unit Nemesis/FAI-IRF (spontaneous and decentralized cells)

Received by email: 5.3.22