Chile: Words from Ignacio and Luis Avaca. We are responsible. About our participation in the fact that we are accused and taking political responsibility

“I deny the right to judge me to all those who do not understand the voice of my longing, the howl of my needs, the veils of my spirit, the pain of my mind, the emotion of my ideas and the anguish of my thought.
But only I understand all this. Do you want to judge me? Well then! But you will never be able to judge my true self.
Instead, you are going to judge the “I” that you yourself have invented. When you think you have me in your hands to crush me, I will be high above, laughing in the distance.”
-Renzo Novatore
We have testified before the old prosecutor…It was not easy at least for us who faced a process like this for the first time. We recognized the authorship of the fact that we are accused and we have expressed our political and ethical motivation.
The act itself we have seen as a step from words to action in demonstration of our destructive criticism of the institutions that exercise violence in the name of the State.

“We wanted to instill terror in part of the population” specifically in the uniformed; there are plenty of reasons for this, starting with our political leanings and ideology and ending with specific facts that have given the Carabineros a worse reputation, be they massacres, murders, scandals, operations and other public and secret situations. Even so, we believe that the fact speaks for itself and even without the respective vindication the message would have been more than clear.
Our approach was that of a “personalized attack”. The target may seem whimsical. We do not know him in person, but we reaffirm our choice knowing that we are enemies of anyone who (obviously) wears a uniform and is an accomplice of the monopoly of violence in the name of a State with the excuse of order and the common good.
Could we be considered as collaborating with the investigation? Certainly yes, but at the pleasure of not denying or hiding our principles, answering the most “technical” questions. We disclosed to the prosecutor part of the procedure prior to the fact expressing authorship of the common and separate tasks we performed.
The only thing we could regret is certain decisions and technical procedures that if they had been taken with greater care would have changed our present and what today are consequences, what does not change is our way of facing the prison, which has never been from the role of victims.
The responsibility assumed is, in our opinion, totally and completely political. We have assumed it from the beginning, regardless of the guilt or innocence that they would have wanted to attribute to us as a verdict.
As a couple of comrades from the Greek territory mentioned at the time, in times where it is much easier to defend victimist positions and accuse police set-ups, trying to profile themselves as poor persecuted people, we position ourselves from the consequence and radical coherence of our thinking and our actions, in the eternal attempt to make of our life something that is not simply vegetating and spitting an aggressive discourse, but that is exhausted in the symbolic.
We have never displayed a pride that blinds us to our mistakes. We know we are totally and completely imperfect, and always open to the sharpest self-criticism we can inflict on ourselves, but those reflections will be a treasure we will keep for ourselves.
There is nothing left for us but to close these brief words by thanking the unconditional support of our loves, kindred and friends, free and caged, near and far, in this or another life.
Nothing is over…
Complicit hugs to our brothers and sisters in the dungeons in Greece and all over the world. And a special and fraternal greeting to the Belarusian anarchists condemned in December 2021 for fighting against the dictatorship in that territory.
Alienated, never defeated!
Subversive prisoners and anarchists to the streets!
Fire to the prisons and to the society that needs them!
Ignacio and Luis Avaca.
Source: Publicacion Refractario