Breaking the fear in Vironas, Pagrati, Kaisariani area’s of Athens (Greece)

via: athens.indymedia
The “Breaking the Fear” assembly was created in response to a rape incident in Byron, following a call to collectives. An open assembly was formed that includes collectives and individuals who want to collectively respond to these logics and actions but also to support the complainants, to highlight the incidents in the local community and beyond, and to isolate the rapists and their apologists socially and morally.
To achieve these goals, the assembly organized moto demos, spray painting, poster making and interventions in the neighbourhoods and places of work and residence of rapists and apologists, with the aim of stigmatizing and socially excluding them (video). We also put out informative text, posters (see and stickers that are stuck up and distributed on a regular basis, highlighting the issue in the neighbourhood.

Our immediate goals are to create a social culture in our neighbourhoods that will defend and not be silent in the face of incidents of gender and sexual violence, isolating the perpetrators, any apologists and their rationales. We seek to create a network of understanding and mutual support between collectives and assemblies that act in defence of these values, with the aim of exchanging experiences and creating the tools for joint action and response to similar phenomena and incidents.
Assembly Breaking Fear


Translated by Act for freedom now!