On Tuesday, December 28th, our Anarchist comrade Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, had a verbal and physical altercation with the inmate Denisse Llanos, detainee, who was returning from a punishment due to another quarrel she had provoked the same day in the morning. Monica expressed her refusal to share a cell with the inmate due to multiple differences with her behavior.
It is necessary to mention that the gendarmeria’s measure of installing Llanos right in the cell of her companion, returning from her punishment, is a clear provocation, in a context of tension both internal, such as overcrowding and the pressure of the prison itself, and external, such as the placement of explosive devices in gendarmeria’s facilities. It is for this reason that close to Monica went the next day to interviews with staff of the OSI (in charge of security of the prison) and the Chief of the prison Denisse Melgarejo to whom all the apprehensions, concerns and discomfort generated by this serious event in which our colleague was involved were expressed. Together with this, an authorized visit was requested, in which we were able to give Monica the support and affection of many.

We found her strong and whole. We are grateful for all the gestures received. Along with this we inform that through the courts we will appeal the punishment immediately accepted and executed by the court and that will leave our colleague without visit for two weeks. We hold gendarmeria responsible for any situation of violation that Monica could receive in the future.
Because the struggle takes place wherever we are!!!!
Because no prison will be eternal!!!!!
Unrestricted support to Monica Caballero.
Relatives and friends of Monica Caballero Sepulveda Stgo Thursday December 30, 2021