Chile: Arson attack on forestry truck on Itata Route, Penco

“People want to make their own decisions on small matters, but making decisions on difficult and fundamental problems requires facing psychological conflicts, and most people hate them.”
“Every human being who is raised on the banks of a river, the highest concept he or she has is freedom.”
During the early morning of December 20, an arson attack was carried out against a forestry truck in Ruta Itata, Penco, Bio Bio region. Due to technical complications it was not possible to issue this communiqué on the day of the action, however, the motivations of our actions remain more valid than ever, that is why we understand that the delay of this communiqué does not mean a problem, much less a limitation to communicate the reasons that fuel our attacks.

We claim this attack in response to the systematic looting and destruction carried out by forestry companies within the territory, which brings with it a visible devastation of the land.
In the first place, this action is framed in the context of the progressive advance of the mining project “Aclara” previously called Biolantanidos, who come to install themselves with a false discourse of development for the region, being directly responsible for the destruction of the territory, this action is supported by a capitalist system, which acts in complicity with the State of Chile, who have financed through CORFO this mining project since its beginnings. Thus manifesting the imposition of extractivist policies in pursuit of their economic interests, benefiting the business class who constantly attack the dignity of the people and the land.
Minera Aclara is currently responding to the legal processes requested of it as a company for the extraction of the minerals found in these rare earths, however, the latter has already begun with the advance work, destroying the hills to install its storage sites and extracting soil samples, One of these reasons is the presence of native and endemic plant species in the area of influence of the project, such as the queule and naranjillo, which are endangered and near threatened, respectively, putting their habitat and conservation at risk; Without forgetting that each ecosystem is associated with an endless number of species, such as plants, animals, fungi and various microorganisms. This shows, without a doubt, that these companies and their legal representatives have no interest in the care and conservation of ecosystems, on the contrary, they demonstrate their greedy thirst for the exploitation and undeniable destruction of the land.
These extractivist practices leave in evidence dire consequences, such is the case of the installation of rare earth mining companies in the USA and CHINA with Mountain Pass and Baotou, being these two world powers who allowed the devastation and total destruction of territories that today are only sources of radioactive chemicals and toxics. This responds to the imperialist and neoliberal dynamics prevailing worldwide, which is deployed in Latin America, which we reject and attack from our fronts through direct action in total self-defense against the imposed violence.
We remember in every action our comrades kidnapped in the prisons of the Chilean State, which benefits from a prison system where the abuse of power is the fundamental coercive principle of the daily practices in the dungeons of the state, in addition to persecutions, tortures and murders allowed by each government in command, taking away the freedom of every person who tries to question their false progress and economic development based on the plundering of the sea and the land.
At this point we salute all the Lof in resistance, who continue to confront the militarization by the oppressive state, the forestry companies distributed throughout the wall mapu and the mega energy projects, all accomplices in the ecocide of the territories. We remember and act today in solidarity with our comrade Carolina Marileo, Werken of the Boyen Mapu community, imprisoned in the Angol prison, who has been on hunger strike for 30 days demanding basic conditions in her prison confinement, which have been denied and has been constantly violated, practices that respond to the racist and historical denigration of the Mapuche people (as in the case of the already evidenced assembly of the imprisoned community members of the lof elicura, among others).
We demand the immediate acceptance of the Werken’s demands together with the total liberation of the Mapuche prisoners in the different centers of extermination throughout the length and breadth of the territory called Chile and the comrades imprisoned in war. For we are very clear that this system has been designed to imprison only those of us who are against every company and person that favors its neoliberal model, neither sustained nor sustainable, to be perpetuated in time. We understand that violence as a practice is the necessary tool to destroy that which destroys us.
“Today we fight again with our bodies as weapons, against those who want to cage and bury rebellion, dignity, love and solidarity under cement. The authoritarian police society created the prison panopticon where historically they have locked up those beings who rebel against the so-called social peace, they have created structures of punishment that seek physical and mental control pretending the reduction of the being through the brutal violence of isolation and jailers, but no prison with its barbed wire walls, high or maximum security, nor armed lackeys will be able to subdue those who have given their whole life to the cause of total liberation.”
Likewise, we make use of this action to remember and commemorate with fire and vengeance, the murder of comrade Sebastian Oversluij on December 11, 2013 at the hands of one of the Banco Estado hitmen in the commune of Pudahuel. It has already been 8 years, but for no reason we forget the name and your executioner. We know that death is present as a consequence of our actions, however, like comrade Angry and comrade Mauricio Morales, we are willing to assume the risks involved in the struggle against the state-capital, its defenders and false critics. In their memory and that of the comrades fallen in the struggle, we will continue attacking and destroying each of the pillars and symbols of this patriarchal and capitalist system.
We call not to remain silent in the face of the repressive laws exercised by the state and its armed police force, in its relentless pursuit of safeguarding the interests of capital through social control and the devastation of the territory. We aim at the unification and constant solidarity with the Mapuche people to confront a common enemy.
Inkayaiñ taiñ mapu mew!!!! Newentuleymun pu che, pu lamuen!!!!
Source: Noticias de la Guerra Social
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