Arson of the construction Praxis that demolished the occupation of Biologica by Cores of Immediate Action (Thessaloniki,Greece)

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, numerous repressive forces surround the facilities of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and begin the operation to evacuate the occupation of the Biologica. They invade the hangout(at Biologica) and after the end of the research, they start the demolition works of the area. The renovation project, which concerns the “Investment in education, the acquisition of skills and lifelong learning” and amounts to a cost of 1,320,600 euros, concerns the creation of a sterile waiting area.These are the real needs of academic education: sterile spaces in a landscape deliberately degraded, to create the empty man of tomorrow, a willing servant and ruler in the appeals and interests of capitalist reconstruction.
The repressive gang war of Rector Papaioannou against the squats that belong to the(ΑΠΘ)Aristotle University of Thessaloniki continues. After the evacuation of the Terra Incognita squat in the summer of 2020, the evacuation of the squat on Nikis Street in the past (buildings that remain sealed even today), the uniformed academy proceeds to evacuate and demolish a space inside the university campus that over 3 decades captured what freedom in knowledge, self-education, access without profit and price means.The academic community officially opens its arms to militarism and repression, with the rubbish of the rectory sending its excited thanks personally to Mitsotakis himself. This is the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki:a matrix of collaborators of repression in which the officials of the uniformed Republic are hatched. Sludge like Papaioannou who does not care where he puts his signature and Margaritis who enacts laws to send to cement anyone who actually challenges the state monarchy.

In hostilities we will have the last word…
The government decides to proceed with the surprise of New Year’s Eve and to lay the veil of repression claiming the war fiesta. A few hours later, we go on the counterattack.We take responsibility for the arson attack on the building of the construction company Praxis, at 49 Kromnis Street in Kalamaria shortly before the change of the Year.Praxis is the contracting company that undertook the demolition work of the occupation. We will strike each one individually that accompanies the repression against the liberated territories and the world of struggle.
Our attack is the first reflexive action of practical solidarity in the world of struggle that defends to the end the squatters and the self-managed areas of struggle, solidarity and attack. A message of strength, support and complicity with each comrade and comrade individually who insists on denial, on questioning, on war. You will find us by your side in every moment of conflict, in every roadblock because we are not finished.We are preparing a new cycle of attacks in the war of attrition, organizing new Cores of Immediate Action. And in this war we call on every struggling initiative to take action, sharpening the confrontation quantitatively, qualitatively and operationally.
We respond to war with war.
Terra Incognita/Hangout in Biologica-squats forever
Cores of Immediate Action*
Casus Belli Core
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