“Making Ideas into a Revolt” Conversations at the Desquiebre Bookstore and Espacio Fénix

Making ideas into a revolt
-Conversations at the Desquiebre Bookstore
The necessity of sharpening our ideas and positions, of seeing each other’s faces and being able to discuss our concerns, invites us once again to talk about different topics, proposed with fellowship for this month of January, a collective approach from our own anti-authoritarian perspectives.
The physical spaces, the concrete instances where we get together to discuss, sharpen and give & receive feedback are vital for the circulation of our black ideas, to enhance our experiences in continuous learning, always in a non-hierarchical way.

Wednesday the 12th: Anarchic perspectives on the revolt.
In this gathering the following books will be discussed: “Marx and Bakunin are Back” (Editorial Pensamiento y Batalla) [Thought and Battle Editions], “La catástrofe es que todo sigue igual” (Editorial Memoria negra) [“The Catastrophe is that Everything Remains the Same” (Black Memory Editions) and “Sobre fantasmas insurreccionales y banderas falsas” (Núcleos Antagónicos de la nueva guerrilla urbana) [“On Insurrectional Ghosts and False Flags” (Antagonistic Cells of the New Urban Guerrilla)].
Wednesday the 19th: Conversation around the book “Colapso. Capitalismo terminal, transición ecosocial, ecofascismo” [“Collapse. Terminal Capitalism, Ecosocial Transition, Ecofascism”] by Carlos Taibo, by the comrades of Anti Ediciones.
Wednesday the 26th: Dialogue around anarchic informalism.
Tensioning some writings of the anarchist comrade Gustavo Rodriguez.
All those who want to participate in these events can request the reading material in digital or physical format by writing to our email: libreriadesquiebre1@riseup.net
Wednesdays in January at 20hrs at Espacio Fénix (Av. Portales 2615).
These events are free of charge, smoke and alcohol free.
Contributions are received for the parcels of prisoners at war: canteen and / or vegan merchandise.
Translated by Act for freedom now!