Sardinia,Italy – On Operation “Sibilla” by Sardinian Anarchists

On Operation “Sibilla”, from Sardinia
[Note: all the repressive measures inflicted on comrades struck by operation Scintilla were annulled by the court of review on 16th December 2021]
“…The use being made of the charge of incitement, whether employed “purely” or as “garnishing” to other charges, is significant because it is aimed at breaking the link between revolutionary action and the propaganda of ideas that it inspires and supports, so as to push us to a watered-down adjustment in our convictions and our modes of expression…”
(Vetriolo, issue 6)
With these few lines we want to express all our solidarity and closeness to the anarchist comrades arrested and investigated following the umpteenth investigation from Perugia prosecutors which takes the name of “Operation Sibilla” this time.

The investigation carried out by ROS carabinieri, on the orders of the Perugia prosecution in the person of public prosecutor Manuela Comodi, focuses on the anarchist paper VETRIOLO in particular.
The comrades are being investigated for various charges of incitement to commit crimes and incitement to commit crimes aggravated with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, as well as generic association. Six custodial measures were ordered, four of them compulsory residence and signing, one was notified in prison to anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, already imprisoned for other prosecutions, and house arrest with restrictions and electronic tag were inflicted on anarchist comrade Michele Fabiani.
As anarchists we certainly don’t except power to treat us with kid gloves; we have known for a long time that the Global Capital-State system tries to get rid of anyone who doesn’t accept the causes and consequences of this deadly system on their skin, we have it clear in our mind as soon as we try to put anarchist thinking into practice.
We believe it is important not to remain silent, a silence that in an era of strong social pacification and extreme “politicizing” of struggles (in the most squalid sense) would be further facilitation for the work that power undertakes every day to isolate and criminalize all those who don’t bow down to its rules. Flipping through all the miserable papier mâché appearances cheaply offered as free panacea of stupidity in psycho-virtual surrogates, and in the face of the putrid spectacle of real reality and of the concrete cultural and moral regression of individuals and human relations in all fields of existence, by no means do we intend to remain disarmed. Therefore today as in the past we are and will be every day at declared war with the system of state, capitalistic, technological, religious domination in all its forms and manifestations; and regardless of the composition governments give themselves, be it of democratic or dictatorial nature (or whatever and however they want to define or organize themselves), they will always find us ahead, fighting them with iron and fire right to their foundations.
Again we express full and unconditional complicity and affinity with all the arrested and investigated comrades, with “Circolaccio Anarchico” and the editors of anarchist paper VETRIOLO.
Michele and Alfredo free now!
Sardinian Anarchists
Translated by act for freedom now!