Extractivism is the process of devastating nature in order to transform it into a commodity. Extractivist projects are multiplying all over the world, especially outside the centers of power, to sustain the way of life and the functioning of capital.
Extractivism is not a way of managing capital, but is capital itself with its death machine spreading like a disease. In this sense, its infrastructure, its material dimension, is inherent to its logic of devastation. There is no capital without extractivism, just as there is no production or consumption without the devastation of nature, without the oppression of all living things, including humans…
The world that sustains it expands misery, exploitation, servitude and control. What they call the imbalance of ecosystems is nothing more than the invasion of power transforming nature into merchandise, where the management of capital sacrifices territories, habitats and communities for its anthropocentric benefit.

Ancestral peoples continue to resist against the colonization called capitalism, its plunder and dispossession, its ideology and its repressive apparatuses. For us to fight and point out extractivism is to long for and/or resist other forms of life outside the logic of civilization, industry and capital, its values and its harmfulness.
These workshops are born from the need to raise, from different perspectives and experiences, struggles and reflections against the harmfulness of extractivism and the world that sustains it. The objective is to deepen the discourses and practices against capital/state in all its spheres, and to look for places of analysis that seek the dismantling, the destruction of the society of power and all the ideological garbage that it carries in its wake. To raise anarchic/anti-authoritarian perspectives against devastation is to point out one of the faces of the enemy in all its infrastructure and monopoly.
Until the last bastion of capital and the world that sustains it is eliminated!
Solidarity with the struggle of ancestral peoples!
Extractivism is colonialism and authoritarianism!
Anarchists against devastation
Against the Car, Be it Electric or Gasoline
Tuesday 16/11/2021 – 19h – Ateneu llibertari de Gràcia C/ Alzina 5 <M> Joanic y Fontana)
Gentrification: Monuments to Displacement
Friday 19/11/21 – 19h – Ateneu Llibertari del Palomar C/ Llenguadoc 25 <M> Fabra i Puig)
Resistance to Extractivism and the Megamine in the North of the Penninsula
Online contact with struggles against the mine in the penninsular north
Tuesday 23/11/21 – 19h – Local de CNT-AIT Barcelona
C/ Joaquín Costa 34 <M> Universitat
Community Lof Melo Curiñaco, Lof Cayun Panicheo and Radio Kurruf
Online contact with the mapuche resistance from Wallmapu
Friday 26/11/21 – 19h – Ateneu Llibertari del Palomar, C/Llenguadoc 25 <M> Fabra i Puig
Walk at the Delta of Llobregat and the Zones Affected by the Airport
Saturday 27/11/21 – 10h – <M> Moreres, L9S
Against the Energy Corporations and the Gentrification of the Maya Train
Tuesday 30/11/21 – 19h 0 Ateneu llibertari de Gràcia C/Alzina 5 <M> Joanic & Fontana)
Perspectives from Antiextractivism and Resistance to Devestation
Projection of an episode of “Collapse”
Thursday 02/12/21 – 19h – Local de CNT-AIT Barccelona C/Joaquín Costa 34 <M> Universitat
Anarchists against the devestation of the earth
Translated from Spanish by Act for freedom now!