The Zizania political kafeneio is an open autonomous structure that aims to create inside of the squat a favourable space for in-depth political discussions – understanding that the assembly format is often not the most accessible neither the most suitable for such purpose. We envision an open space where diverse groups and individuals will come to meet, exchange and share ideas, questions, experiences, political thoughts, and debate topics relevant to them, to the space and the wider political context in a respectful and inclusive environment.
We will start with a first event on Tuesday 14/12 and then intend to hold similar events on a regular basis throughout the next months. Regarding the format, we aim for loosely moderated discussions impulsed whether with short introductions by groups or individuals, open questions, documentary screenings, brochure presentations, workshops and whatever other format people think could lead to fruitful discussions. As we want to give space for continuity from one event to the next, we are proposing umbrella topics that would cover a few events in a row, with suggested sub-thematics for each.

As a first attempt, we are organizing a first series of kafenios on the general topic of “People on the Move”. More specifically, we will be tackling thematics around freedom of movement and its obstacles (border regimes, pushback, smuggling…), clandestinity and the general concept of legal existence (marginalization, administrative control, activism), self-organised and common struggles (community building and self-defence, struggle inside and against detention centres…).
We invite groups and individuals that are interested in such topics to come and actively participate in our events, starting this Tuesday 14/12 at 6PM and continuing throughout January. If you are interested or have questions but you are not able to come, feel free to email us
*we intend to create a safe space for discussion under the political characteristics of the space, so racist, sexist, classist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, authoritarian and other oppressive speeches and practices will not be tolerated.”
*The kaffeneios will also feature an art exhibition by Lida and Shukran Shirzad in support of their work and daily needs
Τuesday 14/12 6PM: PUSHBACKS & BORDER VIOLENCE « overview, experiences and perspectives of struggle »
Saturday 8/1 4PM: LIVING IN THE MARGINS OF THE LAW « Prisms of migration, homelessness, administrative requirements, street activism…»
Saturday 15/1/2022 4PM: SELF-ORGANISED STRUGGLES « featuring ‘The Alphabet in Struggle’ documentary (2018) and different specific experiences
Saturday 5/2/2022 4PM: ON-GOING STRUGGLES IN CAMPS & DETENTION CENTRES « forms of protest, repression and solidarity