Cologne (Germany): Fire for Strabag

via: attaque Translated by Act for freedom  now! / Sunday 28 November 2021
Last night we targeted the Strabag site in Cologne and freed it from a car.
We chose Strabag as a target because this company has been profiting from the climate crisis for years and is a major contributor to it, as it builds motorways all over Germany, including the construction of the A49 motorway. In order to build this motorway, part of the Dannenrod forest has to be cleared. Here too we have seen once again how the state decides by brutal means, against the interests of the citizens and for the profit of the big capitalists.
Since the 1st of October, the hot clearing season has started all over Germany.

Dozens of forest occupations and open spaces that oppose the exploitation of people and nature are under threat.
Whether in Osterholz, Moni or Lützerath*:
We all stand up!
We will not let the attacks on our forests go unanswered…
Freedom for Ella*!
Freedom for all prisoners!
For anarchy!
Notes from Attaque:
* The Osterholz forest near Wuppertal is occupied to prevent 5 hectares of woodland from being razed and replaced by the slag heaps of a lime factory. “Moni” is an artificial pine forest in the Seehausener Wald, occupied to prevent the trees from being cut down to make room for the extension of the A14 motorway between Schwerin and Magdeburg. Lützerath is a small hamlet in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The energy company RWE wants to completely demolish the village (and the neighbouring village of Immerath, as has happened to other villages in this area in the past) in order to expand its open-cast brown coal mine. The inhabitants have been moved elsewhere, but a few are resisting and some people have settled on the site.
** Arrested on 26 November 2020, during the eviction of a camp in the Dannenrod forest. Accused of violence against two cops, when all three of them were on a structure several meters above the ground in the trees, Ella was sentenced last May to two years and three months in jail.