Athens, Greece: Appeal trial of anarchist comrade Marios Seisidis starts Friday 26 November 2021 at 9am. Call for solidarity at the Court of Appeal

“Whatever decision the court takes, I personally as an anarchist will continue to resist and fight on the side of the oppressed and the  with all my strength, as I myself am part of them.”
Marios Seisidis
Our comrade Marios’s  trial is number 1, so it will definitely start and probably end on Friday
A case that four and a half years ago gave him a 35-year sentence. This trial is expected to close another judicial chapter, the last, of a case that has occupied the domestic radical movement for at least fifteen years, and which exposed four comrades to the vengeful fury of the State authorities, with bounties on their heads, years of illegality, imprisonment, and a serious injury and amputation for one of them, Simos Seisidis.

We stand with him, support him, and look forward to seeing him when the legal frame-up against him collapses. We understand that we are in a constant war with the State and its mechanisms, and it should be made clear that no comrade is alone in their struggle, either in the courtrooms or inside the prisons walls.
We call for a solidarity meeting at the Court of Appeal
(Loukareos Street)
Friday 26 November 2021 at 9am.
 In solidarity
Act for freedom now!