Genoa, Italy – On ”Operazione Sibilla”

In order to break exploitation and oppression it is necessary that offended and crushed dignity turns into action because we firmly believe that “freedom” is not at all the right and duty to obey authority, it is not a life lived on one’s knees. Freedom – here and now – is in the conflict against all forms of power, in the wild desire for practical concrete destruction of authority.
Vetriolo, issue 5
At dawn on Thursday 11th November operation “Sibilla” [Sybil] kicked off, coordinated by Perugia and Milan prosecutors (Manuela Comodi and Alberto Nobili respectively), following which comrades were raided in several Italian cities. It was the ROS carabinieri (led by General Pasquale Angelosanto) who enforced measures ordered by investigating judge Valerio D’Andria, resulting in 6 anarchist comrades being subjected to custodial measures and investigated for instigation to commit crime aggravated by purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order.

The operation is based on 5 years’ investigation of the anarchist paper Vetriolo, an a-periodical which has always criticized the State and the Capitalist System without mincing words, with punctual analysis and has given a voice to anarchist prisoners by publishing their written words.
It is obvious that this umpteenth repressive operation wants to silence the voices of radical critique of the existent. In a social context such as today’s, the ongoing authoritarian turn manifests itself every day. We have seen it with the repressive measures in the first lockdown, with curfews, prohibition of gathering and house arrest for millions of people. We are seeing it in more and more militarized streets, in workplaces with the blackmail of the green pass, at state borders as is happening in Belorussian, where migrants are being pushed back by the Polish army in defence of fortress Europe and left to die of hunger and cold.
We are aware of the fact that all this won’t stop, on the contrary it will become more and more acute. Therefore analysis, determination and practices are necessary, which can respond to the blows inflicted by Capital.
If the State and the magistrates want to isolate comrades with these frame-ups/ investigations, on the other side they will always find individuals ready to carry out the same practices and revolutionary ideas.
Solidarity with Vetriolo, Circolaccio and our friends and comrades raided and under investigation!
Death to the State and capital!
Freedom for all!
In solidarity from Genoa
Inferno Urbano, 12th November 2021
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!