Bern, Switzerland: fire against Securitas

Translated from German by Barrikade, 21 October 2021
In Bern yesterday night, October 21, a car of Contrafeu, a subsidiary of the Securitas Group, was set on fire. As long as Securitas profits from control, violence and coercion, they will be attacked.
Much has already been written about the role of Securitas in the detention regime for asylum seekers*.

Our solidarity goes out to all those who are confronted with the violence of the asylum regime every day.
Fiery greetings to all those who revolt against the world of states and borders and fight against it.
Fortress Europe must fall!
* Note: three links, Augenzeugenbericht: Gewalt im Bundesasyllager (D/E)Gewalt im Bundesasyllager Basel – Teil 2 / Auch Brandschutzautos können brennen
via: sansnom
Translated by Act for freedom now!