Athens, Greece: Molotov attack against the General Secretariat of Information Systems (ΚΕΠΥΟ) by Anarchists

Greek Press (Ekathimerini),21 October – Anarchists claimed responsibility on Indymedia Athens for the arson attack on the General Secretariat of Information Systems in Moschato, near Piraeus, south of Athens, on 10 October.
One of the aims of the group was to show solidarity with the 14 comrades arrested or under surveillance on the basis of their DNA. Around seven Molotovs were thrown in all, affecting both the car parking lot and the building housing the Greek government’s offices and data centre hosting all the data on its official website (


Attack on the General Secretariat of Information Systems (KEPYO) in Moschato on 10 October 2021 Indymedia Athens   20 October 2021
The state organizes, equips, and executes.
During the pandemic, while the Mitsotákis government restricted our freedom in every possible way, it not only armed its repressive forces, but also proceeded to strengthen its electronic hegemony.

Under the pretext of providing videoconferencing services to meet the needs of remote learning, the data of 1.6 million users of the WebEX platform has been handed over to Cisco, which can reuse it for its own commercial purposes. Our lives, through telemetry, are constantly being commodified and sold to any interested party. They are categorised and stored indefinitely.
The Greek central administration wants a digital database to fight lawlessness, or rather to achieve complete control.
In December 2020 the secret agreement with the US company Palantir Technologies was revealed, which provides the graphical interface and embodies a terrifying reality of constant surveillance, recording and feedback between the two parties. This CIA-backed, militaristic company with worldwide connections is said to play a major role in the choices of state media. In addition to the digitisation of data, the agreement foresees dealing with situations such as counter-terrorism, immigration and the defence of the country’s territorial entirety in the Aegean Sea, it will be used by the services that exploit and govern the Greek reality.
As if the scandals of the soap opera called government were not enough, the icing on the cake is a practice of targeted repression that we have seen for the umpteenth time lately (see the case of the “Eight of Nea Smyrni”). On Thursday, 4 September 2021, they asked a comrade who had been arrested in the occupied Polytechnic University of Athens on 13 November 2020 to submit to a DNA sample. This story does not end here, but extends to the summoning of 13 other comrades arrested that night. The DNA traces found by the police on two empty bottles inside the occupied building, would have been identified by comparing it to blood traces found on paper, after the riots that took place in Exarchia on 7 December 2014.
As we can easily understand, the purpose of all this is of course profiling and creating science fiction scenarios against the antagonist movement. Most of the people arrested in 2014 were minors (13, 14 years old) and came from the provinces.
Finally, our attack on the General Secretariat of Information Systems is a sign of solidarity with the comrades, but also an additional touch to the systemic war.
PS1 We call for support for the solidarity week for the 14 comrades. (25-31 October)
PS2 We call for a continuous barrage of attacks.
PS3 Stop all persecution of our comrades, the violent repression of demonstrations and evictions of occupied spaces, because next time we will not be satisfied with attacking windows and doors.
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Translated by Act for freedom now!