Update on requests and applications for special surveillance (Bologna, Italy, October 2021)

About two months after the July 12 hearing, the court ruled on the proposal to apply special surveillance for seven anarchist comrades from Bologna: six rejections and one acceptance.
Our comrade Guido will be put under surveillance for two years, with an obligation to stay.
A few days before the hearing, the prosecutor Dambruoso had presented an integration so that the court could express its opinion not only on the “qualified dangerousness” for terrorist crimes, but also on the general dangerousness. And it is in fact on the basis of the latter that the request was accepted.

According to the motivations, it is the accusations made by Dambruoso himself with the Ritrovo repressive operation that have “marked relevance”, “proof of the propensity to acts of accentuated danger to the security and public tranquillity”. They even go into the merits of that investigation from which, according to the judges, “it clearly emerges” that our comrade “was the author of the fire at the repeater bridge, in the locality of Monte Donato, in December 2018”.
To date, the indefatigable prosecutor has already appealed against two of the six rejections and we do not exclude that others may be added.
All our solidarity goes to the comrades subjected to this infamous measure and to all those hit by the State for attacking this world.
[Published in italian by tribolo.noblogs.org, translation published by malacoda.noblogs.org].