Hamburg (Germany): A “Green” Coworking Space Attacked with Rocks – Solidarity Greetings with the Köpi

On 17/8/21 Sunday night, the new office of the Impact Hub coworking space, on the corner of Schomburgstraße and Thedestraße in the Altona district, was relieved of some of its windows. We don’t want your green and improved capitalism. We want a complete upheaval of social relations. And if the state and the cops keep evicting places where people organise, we won’t leave the yuppies alone in their lofts and luxury offices either.
Impact Hub sees itself as a platform that connects start-ups working in the fields of sustainability, diversity and green energy and makes them profitable, with chic offices in many cities around the world, for example a 3500 m² creative space in Neukölln. Of course, there should be no shortage of this, as there is obviously enough space for people and accommodation in Hamburg and Berlin! 

 Solidarity with the residents of the evicted KÖPI-Wagenplatz!
Against all think tanks, co-working spaces and other institutions of “new labour” and green-washed capitalism!
Greetings go out to all who resist the evictions and fight against real estate speculation and state repression!
via: de.indymedia
Translated by Act for freedom now!