Graz, Austria: Stronger than Capitalism

Greetings of solidarity to opponents of the International Motor Show
Graz, summer 2021.
While the car speeds away from a world worth living in, we are fighting against the current civilizatio’s hostility to life!
Wherever we look, everything is spoiled: where there are already hardly any trees left, they continue to cut and clear; where concrete kills fertile soil forever, they continue to build; where people want to live in peace, they are evicted; where people want to be as they are, they are killed; where there could be air to breathe and room to grow, they impose bureaucratic forms with guidelines; where beings could meet, there are… CARS!

The International Motor Show in Munich was a complete success… for its opponents! Several streets in the city centre were blocked, houses were occupied and 5 highways were blocked simultaneously! Our greetings go to all those who, in this month of September, stood up against (car) capitalism and want to continue to do so. In spite of all the repression and the police presence in a proportion of 4 cops to each demonstrator. For all those who despise the system so much that they can’t help making harmful things harmless!
During the time of the car show in Graz several luxury cars were put out of action. Their tyres were slashed. If cops or people with openly fascist ideas were hit as well, it was certainly not by chance.
And that’s not all: this week, brand new Mercedes G-Class cars were attacked with fire. The pride of the automotive industry was left charred.
You take away the air we breathe, that’s why your cars took a beating.
Of course, there is still a lot to do, so let’s hit the streets in the middle of the night!
Some of the A-Class
Translated by Act for freedom now!