Turin, Italy – Gathering outside the court in solidarity with the comrades on trial for operation Scintilla

Actforfree updates, notes: Italy: Op. “Prometeo’’ – Beppe, Robert and Nat acquittedand some info news about ”operation Scintilla”
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Solidarity gathering outside the Court in Turin, 7th October at 10:30am
Gathering outside the CPR [detention centre for migrants] in Turin, 9th October at 4pm
Operation Scintilla was unleashed in Turin on 7th February 2019. That day Asilo, a historic occupation from where various struggles in the neighbourhoods of Aurora and Barriera di Milano had been organized over the years, was evicted. There was  a strong determined reaction to the eviction involving hundreds of people who carried out initiatives and actions of solidarity over the days that followed.

The prosecutors’ investigation revolved around the struggle against detention centres for migrants, which had taken place continually in the city and elsewhere both inside and outside the structures. Countless revolts have broken out in the detention centre of Corso Brunelleschi since it was reopened after being damaged and devastated by the anger of the prisoners, while outside we have always tried to support the rebels, pointing out the role of these places in the mechanisms of exploitation and exclusion.
In the course of the last two years of investigation for operation Scintilla, eight comrades have been arrested on charges of subversive association, instigation to commit crimes and specific offences, including incendiary attacks on cash machines of poste italiane, explosive packages addressed to firms linked to the functioning of repatriation centres and arson in complicity with the prisoners in the detention centre.
In recent years the CPR of Turin has remained a place of reclusion and abuse, where people die inexplicably, as occurred last May with Musa Balde, and against which prisoners have continued to revolt and set fire to their cages. For this there are still people in the city who express solidarity outside those walls and struggle for their destruction.
On 7th October the first hearing of the trial, now against 18 comrades, will take place. On that occasion we will meet outside the Court of Turin for a solidarity gathering so as not to leave those on trial alone and to repeat that it is more urgent than ever to struggle against CPRs.
The meeting point is outside the Court of Turin, Via Giovanni Falcone, at 10:30am.
We want to give all our solidarity to Natascia, a comrade on trial for operation Scintilla but locked up for operation Prometeo, regarding which prosecutors in Genoa demanded over 17 years in prison for her and for another two comrades a few days ago.