Buenos Aires, Argentina: Update of Material “Expanding the Revolt”.

From the project “Expanding the Revolt” in Buenos Aires, we wanted to provide different comrades with an update of the work that we have been doing in the last year in terms of anarchist zines, magazines and books.
For us it is extremely important to make our own editions, some of them coming from our own pens, and others from the research, compilation and selection of different comrades to tell diverse stories and deepen our anarchist memory.
In addition to the dissemination and the always attentive call that the material we produce be destined for the social war and not for the product in itself or historicist labour, we bring these words to encourage the need for a greater quantity of our own productions, ceasing to delegate our memory to representatives of state institutions or to eternal reprinting without updating of materials produced decades ago.

From now on, a greeting to the different anarchic publishing projects and counter-information pages that for us mean a great effort and energy to continue propagating ideas and spreading the call of the incendiary revolt.
Zines: (all available for download at expandiendolarevuelta.noblogs.org).
Belarus: Anarchists in the uprising against the dictatorship (translation by crimethinc.)
Feminist Commando of Anti-authoritarian Action: Communiqués and Reflections 2014-2017.
Nihilists, Feminists, Revolutionaries: Antipatriarchal Tensions Against Humanism, Civility, and Reformists.
Snippets for a Deepening of Revolutionary Nihilism: Excerpted from La Rivolta N°6.
An Interview with Cuban Libertarians: By Roy Finch 1961.
Some Reflections on Anarchist Publishing and Democratic Recovery: Written for the opening of the Zaragoza Library.
Can “Anarchist Historians” Stop Cooperating with Power: Written for the Santiago Maldonado Memorial Day 2021.
Approaches to Envisioning an Anarchist Cinema: Written for the 3rd Anarchist Film Festival of Buenos Aires.
Books: Available in Bs. As. Santiago de Chile and Barcelona. (Write to expandiendolarevuelta@riseup.net for distribution)
Vagabonds, Miscreants and Scoundrels: Beginnings of Individualist Anarchism in Buenos Aires (1890-1897).
Anarchist Voices on the Cuban Revolution: Accounts and Reflections by Comrades from the Island of Cuba and Buenos Aires between 1959 and 1963.
Anarchists and the Cinema: Magazine Dedicated to the Subversive Relationship Between Anarchists and Cinema.
Luigi Galleani The End of Anarchism?: 1st translation and Spanish edition of the classic by comrade Galleani.
Anarchism: Armed Insurrection and Guerrillas: Debates and Reflections on Armed Struggle in the 60’s and 70’s. (Forthcoming release 2021).
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: expandiendolarevuelta