Cagliari, Sardinia – Communique on the trial for “operation Lince”

The second part of the trial for operation Lince has taken place yesterday in Cagliari. Exactly two years after the closure of the investigation, the Judge for Preliminary Hearings accepted prosecutor Guido Pani’s requests relating to 43 of the accused, whereas 2 of them were granted temporary suspension. Despite the inconsistency of the evidence and the tenuousness of the charges, the trial will go ahead with the charge of 270bis for five comrades and with the aggravating circumstance for another twenty, while the others have been charged with minor offences.
In recent years prosecutors all over the Italian State have been amusing themselves notifying crimes of association: more or less eccentric theorems raining down here and there, imposing custodial measures, searches and so on. Luckily in the majority of cases the prosecutors’ eccentric theories have clashed with investigating judges who weren’t inclined to believe their stories, therefore dropped the crimes of association. This was not the case here and we’ll come to terms with it. But a design that wants extreme criminalization for any minimally organized and determined form of dissent is becoming clearer and clearer.

However, in this gloomy day in Cagliari, we want to share a few considerations: first of all the pleasure of finding ourselves outside the court again, at least two hundred of us in support of those on trial and the struggle; the fact that we should never trust judges and the like because they have no scruples in going against their own laws, and therefore the fact of keeping up our optimism, not in respect of courtrooms but of the streets where we want to struggle; the fact that probably the investigating judge’s choice is also imbued with the concern that spread among the uniformed and non-uniformed death-dealers between 2014 and 2017, when they suffered attacks and disturbances from all sides without understanding who these people were who, with cutters or banners, night or day, in many or a few, were sabotaging military activity in all its forms; the fact that in the face of those who put us on trial for terrorism because we have struggled to free our land from one of the worst possible forms of oppression, our response can only be that of resuming the struggle with more strength and tenacity.
Yesterday for the umpteenth time the Italian State demonstrated exactly what it is. For us the only thing left to do is to start again, without forgetting anything, from this Sunday September 19 on the top of mount Limbara to “reclaim it from the war”.
Once again, no peace for those who live off war.
Sardinnia Aresti
Cagliari, 15th September 2021
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: infernourbano