Montevideo, Uruguay: Presentation of the Grupo Anarquista Anticarcelario website

The destruction of prisons is the destruction of the values of this authoritarian world.
We know that the road to a world without prisons, without authority, requires much reflection and action.
Reflecting on how to solve our problems of today and tomorrow from an anarchic perspective, without falling into authoritarian logics and turning them into action in the different environments we inhabit is a challenge.

We find ourselves in a moment where the narrative of fear, hatred and segregation are usually the keys to solve conflicts, and we have to face all this with clarity and firmness. Questioning the prison, its objectives, those who support and implement it seems to us an important first step to move away from its punitivist logic and thus think of other forms of care in community.
That is why we invite all those who are interested in reflecting, contributing and acting towards a world without authority to read, disseminate and exchange in our blog in gestation. Along this path we will be publishing and exchanging all kinds of anti-prison material, whether informative, readings and reflections for debate as well as material related to different struggles that happen inside and outside of prisons.
via: darknights