Cayenne (Guyana) France : nocturnal riots continue

sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!
Cayenne: the police station attacked in the night
France Guyane, 14 September 2021 (extract)
Another night of tension in the streets of Cayenne. Since the night of Thursday 9 September to Friday 10 September, the fires set voluntarily by several groups of people who want to confront the forces of order have multiplied. For almost a week now, Cayenne residents have been witnessing an increase in urban violence, often in the middle of the night.
The latest effect of the opposition (…) by these groups, in small numbers, to the representatives of the State occurred last night. After setting fire to containers and bins in the ZAC Hibiscus, the protagonists of these assaults – as yet unclaimed – attacked the Cayenne police station on Avenue du Général de Gaulle.

Molotov cocktails were thrown into two police vehicles, which burst into flames. Another vehicle was engulfed in flames due to the rapid spread of the fire, caused by the use of flammable products. When contacted, the Cayenne public prosecutor’s office informed us that 5 people were arrested and placed in custody during the night.