The Hague (Netherlands): fire at Thales cash machines  

via: sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!
Two Thales ATMs set on fire
 11 September 2021
Last night, two NS [Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the Dutch National Railways] ticket machines were set on fire at The Hague Moerwijk station. The NS ticket machines are managed and operated by the arms company Thales. Thales controls the railway network in the Netherlands: payments and doors, signal changes, video surveillance, etc. (see: ).
Thales’ biggest profit, however, comes from the arms and security industry. The company supplies radar equipment and other technology to the authorities who stop migrants and refugees at Europe’s borders. Thales is thus contributing to the death and misery of thousands of people.
Thales is profiting from Fortress Europe, from war and militarism. Thales is our enemy. Wherever the company is, it must be attacked. Fire and flames for the profiteers of Fortress Europe!