Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne): In-Vinci-nation of a utility vehicle (France)

via: attaque.Translated by Act for freedom now!
Original text: Indymedia Lille / Monday 6 September 2021
It’s hard to find a sordid area in which Vinci is not involved. From Qatar to Chile, from France to Russia, the flagship of industry exports its infrastructures of control around the world. The destruction of life, the exploitation and confinement of human beings are of course on the menu. So the Vinci van that was burnt down a few days ago in Ivry will not prevent Vinci from continuing to build rubble.
We just hope that, in addition to the good it did us at the time, it will help remind enraged people everywhere that we are not alone and that the flame of revolt is not extinguished. On this subject, we couldn’t help but have a thought for our friend Boris, still hospitalized, while lighting our bonfire.
Fire to the prisons and to those who build them!