Thessaloniki, Greece: Gathering of solidarity on 6/9/21 with comrades K.Sakkas, G.Dimitrakis and comrade D.Syrianou

Terrorists and bandits are the States & capitalists
On 12 June 2019, the anarchist comrades Kostas Sakkas, Giannis Dimitrakis and Dimitra Syrianou were arrested during an anti-terrorist operation in Thessaloniki. The comrades were abducted with summary procedures and taken to the GADTH (ΓΑΔΑ) where they were isolated for hours, hands tied behind their backs and hoods on their heads. The anti-terrorist operation concerned the attempted expropriation of a money transport to supply the ATM machine located inside the AHEPA – a case for which the comrades were taken before the prosecutor on charges of robbery with conspiracy for Gannis and Kostas and simple complicity for Dimitra. At the same time, searches were carried out in houses both in Thessaloniki and Athens and dozens of personal belongings of both the arrested and some of their friends were seized. At the end of the interrogation process, the first 2 comrades were remanded in custody while the third comrade was temporarily released under restrictive conditions.
From the very first moment the media, in close cooperation with the cops and the judges, began slandering our comrades. Engaging in yet another headhunt, they constantly reproduced photos of comrades Sakka and Dimitraki, and through scare stories prejudged the arrested. They spewed mud and bile for supposedly having struck a new cell that would be supplying money to the urban guerrilla, at the reappearance of the revolutionary fund and the robbers in black, in order to socially legitimize not only the comrades’ arrest but the repression in general against acts of revolutionary solidarity such as expropriation.
On 16/9/19 they were sentenced in the court of first instance, G. Dimitrakis to 11.5 years , K. Sakkas to 7 years and 10 months and 2 years to D. Syrianou. On 6/9/21 our comrades will be brought once again bound and imprisoned into the halls of the bourgeois justice system where the court of appeal of the case is being heard, for the choices of struggle they have made over the years, for all these choices that constitute the whole of the tools of confrontation and struggle with the State and capital. In the face of this new repressive blow, we will all stand proudly with our comrades.
Freedom to comrades G. Dimitrakis and K. Sakkas who are inprison for the expropriation of the money transport at AHEPA.
Solidarity to comrade Dimitra Syrianou who is being prosecuted for the same case
No one alone in the hands of the State
Terra Incognita