Greece, Athens: Responsibility Claim for Arson Attacks by Direct Action Cells – Cell ‘Mauricio Morales’

The decay and ugliness of the present is not hidden behind theoretical embellishments. Instead, it relies on the transparency of habit and the power of acquiescence. There is not the slightest reason to face the war of the increasingly authoritarian bourgeois-democratic order against those who are left over or who rebel against its multidimensional existential cheapness in search of new life perspectives. They struggle anxiously for our annihilation or our political mutilation and this is revealed by their repeated repressive moves against movement activities, against our spaces, against militants.
Consciously or not, they understand that the unification of the institutions of oppression and the maintenance of the hegemony of capital implies the corresponding possible unification and strengthening of the revolutionary forces. They fear the prospect of an acute social war setting fire to the bowels of the capitalist world, as we are already seeing happening in various corners of the planet.

In order to make its counterinsurgency campaigns bear fruit, the New Democracy government is deploying archaic means of policing, referring many times to the tactics of other regimes, proving that the deeper essence of power remains unchanged throughout time. With complete callousness as regards the safeguarding of public health in times of pandemic, and with great audacity towards its political opponents, the government is channelling millions of euros directly into the pockets of the media owners, the logistical upgrading of the police and businessmen in its entourage. Without any concern for even an apparent social cohesion, the rulers, immersed in the impunity offered by their power, are creating a pervasive condition where the parts of the social base are moving in a direction of mutual conflict. They respond to their incompetence and contradictions by sharpening their biopolitics, with ever more totalitarian means of control and repression: Unveiled and well-funded media propaganda, bans on demonstrations and the crushing of those who claim the streets, upgrading the role of the police, enriching the repressive means and methodologies, curtailing individual freedoms, dismantling labour rights and directly attacking the income of the working class, confiscating first homes, spreading nationalist rants, imposition of silence or disinformation around the countless scandals (Novartis, Noor 1, tele-infiltration, Petsas list)*, silencing of anti-establishment voices, passing of anti-labour, anti-environmental and anti-education bills, separation of citizens into vaccinated and non-vaccinated, extreme devaluation and invisibility of prisoners, immigrants and the homeless, i.e. the people who are surplus to requirements for the functioning of the social machine.
Through the intensity of state propaganda, through the news, the government and the Greek police speak directly, the bourgeois interests speak directly. Every day they shamelessly throw up government propaganda, paving the way for the gradual invasion of surveillance and repression into every aspect of our existence. They are daily plotting our death in the vomitous television screens. The fight against the fear imposed by the rulers, the necessity to organize revolutionary violence in the present through Direct Action Cells striking at state and capitalist interests, is a small first step.
In the face of intensifying repression, the epitome of modern slavery, extreme technological surveillance and the brutal plundering of nature, we chose in June to attack with incendiary devices:
– The home of high-ranking police officer Haralambos Kalogiros in Ilion. In February 2021, by decision of the chief of the Hellenic Police. and Lieutenant General, Michael Karamalaki, qualified from the School of Officers of the Greek Police to the General Directorate of Protection of Official and Vulnerable Targets, in the context of the internal restructuring of the repressive mechanism. The General Directorate for the Protection of Officials and Vulnerable Targets is tasked with providing protection to official government and political bodies and persons, to officials of other states and diplomatic missions, as well as to any potential person or vulnerable target likely to be attacked in any way. Charalambos Kalogiros is currently at the bastion of counterinsurgency strategies implemented to criminalize, depoliticize, control and suppress anti-capitalist and anti-state revolutionary actions. It coordinates the preventive movements and repressive tactics deployed to ensure the safety of the high-ranking orders of the capitalist world. Let him bear in mind that he is not immune, like no equivalent high ranking member of the National Police.
– In 2 vans of the company ACS Courier in Kypseli. ACS is a courier company, a subsidiary of the Quest Group, with Thodoris Fessas, who is also the president of SEV, as its chairman. As a structural pillar of domestic capitalist exploitation, it has seen its profits rise sharply in recent years, especially during the pandemic and mass quarantine period. The poorly paid and precarious work, the ‘galley’ conditions in its shops, the complete lack of hygiene measures in terms of protection against Covid-19, the intensified working hours and the unbearable pressure that rapidly exacerbated the risks of industrial accidents, all this is a minimal taste of the antics of this company. This particular shop-construction on Evelpidon Street, which we visited, has a particular past in terms of employee management, with a striking example being the dismissal of a courier who had fallen ill in March 2020, without suffering from Covid-19, and when his sick leave was ending he saw his dismissal paper stuck on the door of his house. Those who profit from people’s misery and need to survive will find us before them. Workers in the courier and mail delivery industry have our wholehearted solidarity and support. Especially in view of the new anti-worker replacement bill, let us collectively sharpen our resistance both at mass and minority level to be a practical mound against the workers’ bleeding and the imposition of modern slavery.
– In a vehicle of the company INTRACOM in Zografou. With the domestic founder and main shareholder of the INTRACOM group, the business tycoon Socrates Kokkalis, this multinational contracting holding company specialises worldwide in the fields of high-tech IT, complex construction projects and advanced defence electronics. Its profits amount to hundreds of millions of euros per year. It is at the bastion of advanced surveillance, control and suppression technologies, the provision of specialised military equipment, as well as the plundering of the natural world and the bleeding of local communities. It is pioneering the installation of wind turbines and wind farms through INTRAKAT, which has also been contracted for huge railway, road and other construction projects. Its cooperation with international militaries through IDE (Intracom Defence) is also highlighted, while in the telecom and personal data management sector it has its hand deep in the soil through its cooperation with almost all its vendor companies. Needless to say, there is no need to mention the arbitrariness, redundancies and employer impunity that prevails in this company, often pushing its employees into mass militant strikes and protests. It is the deep darkness of local capital and domestic entrepreneurship, with branches that directly or indirectly touch every aspect of our lives, and for this reason it is necessary to target it and we believe that it must be targeted by every means and at every opportunity.
We believe that in the present situation we must first and foremost “get our hands dirty” and take violent action. We ought to strengthen our lines of defence by building war experience in the example of asymmetric attack. We ought to grasp the thread of the revolutionary forms of struggle and the inherited perceptiveness, intelligence, passion and courage of the hundreds of fighters who have soaked history and struggles with their blood. We owe it to this thread to transmute it into a material historical movement towards the violent questioning of bourgeois culture and its institutions, cultivating in today a culture that is ruptural and insurrectionary, a perception that is practical and experienced. And we owe this to our own dignity and our sincere desire to live as a revolutionary seed, as a practical counter-example against a society of exploitation, subjugation and pervasive misery.
Social war is not just pretty words and empty slogans. It is a condition in which our enemy is on the alert and well-read: With a state-of-the-art war machine capable of suppressing and assimilating shock and resistance more effectively than ever before, with a panoptic surveillance and control complex capable of recording and mapping almost our every move, with think tanks that study the psychology of radicalization and build methodologies of prevention and counter-insurgency that will deprive even the temporal and spatial points to transmute the embryonic individual refusal of the capitalist world into collective forms of resistance and propaganda.
In such a condition, the sun of the revolutionary perspective may be extinguished once and for all, since the movements that would be able to act as its cutting edge and signpost will have been extinguished. And then we will ask ourselves again and again: Why is it that any possible uprising, why is it that any possible mass manifestation of indignation and anger is not transformed into a real revolutionary process, into a real transformation of social and productive relations? And the answer will be simple: Because when we had to prepare ourselves and become “front-line” warriors, when we had to build resistance in the present in order to be able to live in communities of solidarity, mutual respect and co-responsibility, when we had to rethink the terms of our war and political strategy and reorganize its guidelines and tactics, we were immersed in defeatism and futility, in introversion, in interpersonal intrigues and pettiness, in closed relationships and forms of collectivisation with no prospect of social reproduction, in an ineffective, harmless and politically assimilable activism, in a sterile attachment to our image in social networks, in a narcissistic conception of ourselves and our place in the world.
If we do not immediately escape from the postmodernist tide of individual and collective fragmentation, of overweening “I”, but also of the absolute fluidity and relativization of everything, if we do not take solid steps towards a radical and solid revolutionary direction from now on, we had better abandon the movements and devote ourselves to a life of privacy and apathy. There is no reason to get caught up in ideas, meanings, cultures and the history of people who fought for the exact opposite; there is no reason to be disingenuous with ourselves and those around us, collectivizing and sprinkling “revolutionary” aesthetics and wrapping our philotomarianism and egotism. Movements – if of course they retain a revolutionary/subversive character – are a risky and dangerous condition. And danger is not a fetish, it is a necessary evil, on a road full of obstacles and thorns, full of blood and agony. But it is a road that, if we manage to walk it together, we may be able to reach the eternal light of free life, of love for people, of harmonious coexistence with the natural world. Until then the rose petals are far away and the road is rough.
We immediately call upon those individuals who are suffocated by the exploitation, pain and disciplines of the violent capitalist present to organize together, to build comradeship bonds, to form a war front against every ruler who wants us with our hands tied and our heads bowed, to create Direct Action Cells. In the windless wilderness and the endless downward spiral of our alienated age, let us take a deep breath, let us sharpen our anarchist struggle. With the humility and consistency befitting people fighting for life, dignity and freedom.
Let us organize, let us fight, let us fight to the end…
We send our wholehearted solidarity to the anarchist and subversive comrades in the Chilean prisons, and to the anarchist comrade Natascia Savio in the Italian prisons where she is on hunger strike.
A fiery signal of internationalist solidarity to anarchist comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, to Gabriel Pombo da Silva, to all imprisoned comrades in Italian prisons, to all prisoners of social war everywhere.
Strength and unconditional solidarity with the political prisoners of the Greek prisons.
We welcome – We support the Operation “Class against Class”, a call for a month of direct action by the fighting and related formations of the Front of Class Solidarity and the Organisation of Anarchist Action to intensify class self-defence with aggressive forms of struggle, in view of the recent anti-working class bill.
A militant and eternal memory for Mauricio Morales, Sebastian Oversluij, Lambros Fountas Mikhail Zhlobitsky, for all the comrades who fell in battle, but in reality are stepping together in our every step.
For Anarchy!
Direct Action Cells
Cell “Mauricio Morales”
*Novartis, scandal involving ten former prime ministers and ministers from the New Democracy and PASOK parties taking bribes from the Swiss pharmaceuticals giant.
Noor 1, scandal involving well known businessmen and politicians, who were accused of being connected to a heroin shipment delivered by a ship coming from Oman.
Tele-infiltration, scandal involving online training programmes, supposed to help the unemployed and workers in finacial hadrship because of the pandemic, where 30 million euros of funding was taken by the businessmen who set it up, as money did not reach the unemployed and workers desperately needing it.
Petsas list, scandal where hundreds of government officials were vaccinated before health workers.
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