Mont-d’Origny (Aisne): multiple sabotage against the Orange network (France)

Still no phone in Mont-d’Origny, the Orange network has been sabotaged in several places
Aisne Nouvelle, 30 June 2021 (extract)
For about ten days, many homes in the district were without an Internet connection. If this is bearable for a few hours, it becomes complicated to live like this for several consecutive days. Fortunately, the network came back on Monday during the day.  It turns out that the breakdown is linked to several acts of malice. “I got information about the problem. Orange told me that there had been acts of sabotage in several places on the network. There were wires cut with pliers,” explains Gérard Allart, the mayor.
What is more serious is that, at present, the inhabitants, although they have access to the Internet again, are still unable to use the fixed telephone network. Here again there has been damage. “The telecom wire was cut in two places on one line, for example,” continued the mayor, who spoke to the employees who worked in the municipality. “They told me it was deliberate. They showed me the footprints on the electricity poles. The people went up and cut them”, the mayor lamented.
via: sansnom.
Translated by Act for freedom now!