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“Dirty Pig”: the car of a municipal policeman of Tours tagged and damaged by fire
France Bleu, June 25, 2021 (extract)
A municipal policeman of Tours, living about twenty kilometers from Tours, has been in shock since Wednesday night when an attempt was made to set fire to his personal car, around 2 am. A “tag” was also left on his hood, “dirty pig”, an inscription “in the form of a scratch with a key, or a screwdriver” he explains.
*Remi was asleep when his wife was awakened by noises coming from outside his house, around 2am. She first saw a bright orange color, similar to flames. When he went outside, *Remi did not see anyone, but smelled a strong odor of gasoline. He then saw traces of attempted fire on his vehicle, as well as impacts on the window, proof that the passenger window was forced, also without result.
However, nothing signifies his job as a municipal policeman of Tours on his car, and it is what surprises him, as he lives in a small village. He thinks that he was followed so that someone knows where he lives: “Considering where I live and where I work, there are still 20 minutes of travel by car, so I was definitely followed”. This 39-year-old municipal policeman is on leave until the end of the week and has lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie for “attempting or destroying the property of others by a dangerous means” and “damaging or deteriorating the property of others by inscription, sign or drawing”.
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