Cham (Switzerland): Internet and TV connection cut in the early morning

Telecom cables damaged by fire in Cham
ATS, 27 June 2021
A fire broke out in a sewer housing telecom cables around 00:30 on Saturday night in Cham (ZG, i.e. the canton of Zug). A part of the population of the region is deprived of television, internet and landline phones, but not of cellular.
The cause of the fire is unknown. No one was injured, the police said Sunday. The repair should take a long time. The damage is considerable, it said in a statement. Despite the rapid intervention of firefighters, many lines have been completely destroyed. In some parts of the Cham-Ost region, landline connections as well as Internet and TV lines are therefore interrupted. The cellular network, however, is not affected by the interruption.
via: sansnom.noblogs