A text by Divine on his deportation from Italy (June 2020)

A text by Divine on his deportation from Italy
Greetings to everyone.
On the morning of July 15, 2019 I found the cops at home who asked me to follow them to sign a notification.
When I arrived at the police station, I found out that the notification was about my deportation for the following day, so they took me to Malpensa airport and kept me there.
Of course, the same day of the detention there was a medieval-style trial, with everything already decided at the beginning.
The next day, at Malpensa, I was told by a cop that the deportation had been blocked by the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights), so instead of just releasing me, not satisfied with the outcome of the European court, they decided to lock me up in the CPR [Centro di Permanenza per il Rimpatrio, “Centre of Permanence for Repatriation”, detention centres for migrants in Italy] of Bari.
If until then the cops had been legalistic, in the CPR of Bari the cops are anything but “legalistic”. I would like to focus on some clarifications regarding the CPR:
1) Inside the CPR it is forbidden to introduce cameras or similar things.
2) Telephones are provided by the facility itself (I personally have never been given one…).
3) At the entrance of the CPR you are searched like at the entrance of a prison (the prison is definitely better), your personal belongings are kept by them, and in case you have money they will be counted and also “kept” (or better, unguarded in other people’s pockets since at the exit I almost got beaten up to have them back).
4) The structure is made up of wings (often in the wings you are put with your compatriots) and I was inside a wing with a prevalence of Albanians.
Inside the wing the air is nauseating (a mixture of urine and faeces), the bathrooms are in front of the rooms, there is also a living room with a TV where you can eat and a field where you can stay outdoors.
– The rooms consist of simple rows of beds in which there are not even sheets.
– The bathrooms are without WCs and the air is unbreathable, with pieces of excrement and urine decades old stuck on the walls of the bathroom and showers (the showers are next to the toilet).
– The sinks are also next to the WCs (equally dirty with excrement).
5) Tranquilizing psychotropic drugs are inserted into the food.
Now, almost two years later, the final hearing of the European court took place, delegating the decision about my deportation to the Italian government, which obviously issued a deportation order.
The list is long but the main things are these. I am not surprised by the treatment of people without documents. I am not surprised that they want to expel me; after all, the state is the state, and as such it wants to safeguard its interests! We all know how the state deals with its enemies. And nothing should surprise us any more, but on the contrary we should prepare ourselves to throw a stronger punch, trying to dodge the blows. It is we who must surprise them, not the other way around.
[English translation published by malacoda.noblogs.org].