Berlin, Germany: Strabag vehicle set on fire

via: Attaque
source Kontrapolis / Wednesday 2 June 2021
On June 2nd there will be a day of action against motorways at national level. This kick-off against this capitalist madness, cars, was the reason we set fire to a vehicle of the Strabag in the night from Monday to Tuesday.
Nobody was put in danger, no other car was damaged and, above all, the attack was not aimed against the driver of this company car.
In this world guided by ideas of profit and maximization of rentability, this company keeps spinning the wheel of always bigger, always faster… it is devastating the countryside, but in spite of its size it is only small fry. Strabag belongs to the problem of a world that increasingly enslaves nature.
« Each extra metre of motorway means the destruction of the climate, cast in concrete. »
Let’s attack the Munich IAA / Greetings to all the forest occupations / Rigaer94 resist!
Translated by Act for freedom now!