Chile:Two Comrades Arrested for Explosive Attack on Police Station in Talca

On May 26, 2021, a large operation occured in the San Clemente sector, Maule region, where repressive forces manage to arrest two comrades accused of sending an explosive device to a Talca police station in November 2020.
At the end of 2020 “entities without face, nothing and nobody that you know” claimed the explosive attack on the police station that ended with two policemen with acoustic trauma. Since then, the Southern Prosecutor’s Office, self-continuing expert in research of this type of actions, together with OS-9 personnel developed the investigation.
According to the police version, the comrades Ignacio and Luis Avaca, twin brothers, used a delivery company to send the explosive package. Proof? A recording camera in the vicinity of an interurban bus, DNA and remains of fingerprints found in the envelope containing the explosive, according to the versions of the persecutors.
Both were formalized under the arms control law, leaving them in preventive prison for 4 months while the investigation lasts. At this moment, we do not know what prison they were transferred to.
Ignacio and Luis to the street!
Solidarity with those who are arrested accused of attacking the police!
via: amwenglish