Italy: The trial for ”operation Scintilla” began in Turin on Tuesday 4th May
The first of the preliminary hearings – the usual bureaucratic ritual of formalities – was a chance to see Carla, currently under house arrest with all restrictions, and Natascia, unexpectedly transferred from the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Nat was moved, without her lawyer’s knowledge, as the hearings will take place in a courtroom in Turin not set up for videoconferencing.
From what we could understand she had been awakened at around 2am, taken by plane to Milan Linate where she arrived at 9:20, and escorted to the court over an hour late for the start of the trial. In spite of her lawyer’s insisting that she be allowed to sit next to him, the chief of the escort (4 screws from Santa Maria Capua Vetere) wouldn’t allow Nat to get out of the cage and threatened anyone who tried to exchange even a few words with her. In spite of the glass, bars and ugly faces, those in the courtroom shouted out and greeted her. Nat looked tired after the journey but was in good form otherwise.

During the trial her lawyer also requested that she be moved near to the court where the proceedings are to be held, i.e. Turin and Genoa. At the end of the hearing Natascia had to undertake the journey back to Santa Maria Capua Vetere, where she was expected to undergo sanitary isolation for two weeks due to the transfer.
Here again is the address where you can write to her and support her:
Natascia Savio
C.C. Uccella
Strada Statale Appia 7-bis
Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)
Translated by act for freedom now!</h6