Switzerland: LafargeHolcim sabotages the planet, we sabotage LafargeHolcim!

Translated by act for freedom now!
The Chico Mendes commando paid a visit to the LafargeHolcim gravel quarry in Bière. Several construction vehicles (excavators, pick-ups, trucks and others) were sabotaged on the spot.
6th April – Communique
The eviction of ZAD from the hills is not the end of a struggle but its beginning. In the face of the usual collusion between traditional political forces and big capital, other means of resistance must be used. LafargeHolcim is destroying the hill of Mormont and taking part in the destruction of nature on an international level. This group, which generates a turnover of more than 27 billion Swiss francs, will stop at nothing in order to accumulate profits. They even collaborate with the Islamic State in Syria to continue their activity.

“Ecology without class struggle is just gardening”. Chico Mendes
We can’t expect any salvation from reformist political organizations. As proved by the fact that “ecologist” state councillor Beatrice Metraux actively defended the eviction of ZAD. The bourgeois political class is just an instrument of big industry and serves its interests. The capitalist system will never be compatible with ecology. It is impossible to reform the system that supports an exponentially total exploitation of nature and human beings for the profit of a greedy minority. Without revolution, there is no solution!
Let’s multiply demonstrations, let’s attack their interests, let’s give them no respite!
May the seed of protest in Mormont give birth to resistance without compromise!
Chico Mendes commando