Buenos Aires (Argentina) : Car on fire in solidarity with the hunger strike in the Chilean prisons

via: Attaque
Contra Info / Saturday 24 April 2021
Coercive measures cannot but sow the seeds of hatred and vengeance. It is a deadly circle. Moreover, since you have been slicing off heads and populating the prisons and penal colonies have you prevented hatred from showing itself?» Alexandre Marius Jacob*
In the night of Sunday April 18, while out walking in the street under the curfew restrictions, we set fire to a bin and a high-end car, a Volkswagen Polo 1.6. The theatre of this liberation by flames is 4000 Yerbal Street, in the Flores district.
We left a few fliers on site saying: “Long live the subversive/insurrectional struggle. Our solidarity is attack. Freedom for the subversive, anarchist and mapuche prisoners.  Shit to the decree-law 321 in Chile! Freedom to Marcelo Villaroel .”
On 28th day of hunger strike !
PS : a particular greeting and hug to the comrade Juan Sorroche, for his gesture. They won’t stop us.
* Note by Attaque : A. M. Jacob, « Pourquoi j’ai cambriolé », déclaration au procès d’Amiens, published in Germinal, n°11, 19 March 1905.
** Note by Act for freedom now – see https://archive.elephanteditions.net/library/bernard-thomas-alexander-marius-jacob
Translated by Act for freedom now!