Chile : Road blocks in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike

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Santiago : Barricades in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike, in the Simón Bolívar district
Contra Info / Saturday 17 April 2021
Over 19 days’ hunger strike and the body starts to feel the consequences of lack of nourishment. The courage of the compas mobilized inside the different prisons does not leave us indifferent; that is why we came out into the streets to do an action of solidarity, smashing citizen “Normality” and the order they want us to submit to.
This time we were in the streets of the Simón Bolívar area, at the place where, on April 18th 1989, Erick Rodríguez and Iván Palacios were killed in a clash with the C.N.I. [Central Nacional de Informaciones, the political police during the Pinochet dictatorship.], as they were preparing to place an explosive device in an electric transformer, to act against the dictatorship and the fraud of a plebiscite of transition towards a democracy that continued to imprison those who carried on the struggle.

Thirty years have passed and the same process is repeating itself: after the revolt of October [2019], the political elite of the business bourgeoisie passed on TV in the evening of November 15 2019, the “Peace agreement” [agreement between the government and parliament, signed by the majority of the parties, to call a plebiscite for a new constitution, which took place in October 2020; NdAtt.], forcing on us yet again the election scam of a new plebiscite and constitutional change whereby the same rubbish that has ruled for 40 years can dictate new laws in their favour, which will keep our brothers and sisters locked up. Today, it is essential to learn from our mistakes, in order to overthrow the bourgeois institutional stability that political parties of left and right defend so much.
We, who are continuing the struggle in the streets, are the same indomitable who never deserted the streets even before the revolt: the firm conviction of attacking this miserable system keeps us alive…  We know clearly that, in our struggle, only those who are forgotten die.
The revolutionaries did not believe in the bogus elections of democracy, nor do we believe that the only possible form of social organization can exist under the aegis of the State; we know well that many worlds are possible and that the colored fire of our hearts will destroy the grey concrete of the city.
For our dead, for the prisoners, for Ramiro, for Oso, for Erick, for Iván, for those who continue the hunger strike, we will continue to be on a war footing against capital.
We will continue, for the love of life…
Until all the cages are destroyed
Immediate freedom for Juan Aliste and Marcelo Villarroel.
With love for those who continue to fight
The fighting youth do not forget,  insurrectionary memory lives in our hearts, with each barricade in flames.
Individualities and compas in affinity
Translated by Act for freedom now!