Balance of March 29: Day of the Young Combatant in Chile

As it is already custom, youth, inhabitants and workers came out to commemorate the murder of the Vergara Toledo brothers.
36 years ago the Vergara Toledo brothers lost their lives in an ambush in Villa France. Today, with honor and combative organization we commemorate them, 36 years later, we followed the legacy of the fighters of the past.
From March 28 at about 9 pm at night, different populations of the Chilean territory begin to shake up what would be another year of commemoration.

The day before Day of the Young Combatant was marked with pamphlets and canvasses.
The 29th, at about noon in Villa France, acts of commemoration began As usual, the police days before began to stalk different towns and Villa Francia was no exception; helicopters and tanks began to intimidate the residents of the town.
Around 8pm, different towns began the barricades and confrontations with the police. Villa Francia, Hermida, La Pincoya, Bajos de Mena, etc.
With artisanal materials, the young people, residents and everyone who was on the street began to attack the police and their green armored vehicles.
In Bajos de Mena, the 66 commissariat of the bastards was attacked by the combatant youth. In Villa Francia and Lo Hermida, the scenarios were similar and 2 tanks of the dirty cops were attacked. In Ñuñoa and the forest, 2 Transantiago buses were burned.
All these actions were in commemoration of the Vergara Toledo Brothers, but not only of them, as there is also a long list of compañerxs who have left us a legacy of struggle and subversion.
We remember the compañera Claudia López, Sebastián Oversluij, Paulina Aguirre, Johnny Cariqueo, Manuel Gutiérrez, and so many other compañerxs.
A fraternal greeting to the anarchist prisoners on hunger strike, prompt freedom compañerxs.
Freedom to Ramiro.
via: .amwenglish