Italy: Paolo was transferred from Uta prison to that of Nuoro (April 2021)

We learn that our comrade Paolo has been transferred from the prison of Uta (Cagliari) to that of Badu ‘e Carros in Nùoro. All our closeness and solidarity goes out to him.
To write to him:
Paolo Todde
C. C. di Nuoro
Località Badu ‘e Carros
via Badu ‘e Carros 1
08100 Nuoro
Italia – Italy
Note: Paolo is a sardinian anarchist arrested on October 31, 2017 following an armed robbery at a post office in Cagliari (Sardinia). The comrade, who was with two accomplices, was arrested after a chase with the police in some streets of the city. At the end of the first-degree trial, he was sentenced to 6 years of prison.
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